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Slippers & sokken bedrukken

Wie wil er niet rondlopen met mooie, gepersonaliseerde sokken of slippers? Laat je merk of ontwerp zien op een bijzondere manier!

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Raise Brand Awareness Through Trendy Flip Flops & Socks

Many people are accustomed to wearing flip flops and socks, especially those who enjoy travelling. For that reason, using flip flops and socks as a promotional material may not be a bad idea.

Let your printing and design expert share ideas as to how you can put your company in a marketing advantage through the use of personalised flip flops and socks.

For Flip Flops

Personalised flip flops can be a good medium to promote your brand. For instance, you can imprint your company’s logo on it so whenever a customer wears your flip flops then your brand logo gets free exposure. Imagine how beneficial this would be if your customers wear them almost all the time both indoors and outdoors.

We offer unique flip flops that make for an ideal promotional item. They are available in four different sizes and printed in full colour. Before you submit your personal design idea, make sure to check our submission specifications and templates to ensure your print design fits is workable on our flip flops. Rest assured that our team will also do their part in incorporating your brand icon or motto on these pairs of footwear.

For Socks

Like flip flops, custom socks can also be used as a reliable way to get your brand name out there. For instance, you can have a contest wherein socks that your customers’ get from can have special symbols on them. Once they get a pair with similar symbols, they can win a prize. You can also use socks as a means to raise awareness about a cause you support. For example, for every five pairs that your customers buy from you, ten percent of the profits will go to a charity or something similar.

We have fully surface decorated socks available in two sizes and four styles, which will meet your business needs. We have ankle socks, regular socks, sports socks, and knee socks, all of which are professionally knitted. You can send your preferred colours along with the design and we will ensure that we knit your socks closest to the design you have in mind.

Design Ideas For Socks

Like with personalised flip flops, there are also plenty of creative designs that will add value to your custom socks.

Specific Text and Background: These socks can have different words on them that when combined together make up a witty or funny phrase. The words can also be placed either on the front or back of the socks. They can also be made with words or text using different colours.

Repeating Images: This is a common design for socks wherein a specific design can be seen on every side of the sock. The image can also be placed in a pattern along with the sock multiple times. Alternatively, the design can be on the foot or only at the calf area.

A Collage: This can be similar to the examples given above except that there are several different images that run along with the sock.

At, we take pride in providing our clients with many cost-efficient options when it comes to personalising flip flops and socks. This will give you the chance to explore your ideas and you can rely on us to help you materialise them to fit your brand.

Feel free to get in touch with us online during our business hours and we will be more than happy to address your concerns.
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